Julian Doyle has written, directed, photographed, edited and created Special Fx’s in feature films, all to the highest standards. He has also won awards for directing video clips such as Kate Bush’s CLOUDBUSTING featuring Donald Sutherland and Iron Maiden’s hit, PLAY WITH MADNESS. He is most famous for editing the Monty Python film ‘LIFE OF BRIAN’ and shooting the Fx’s for Terry Gilliam’s TIMEBANDITS and BRAZIL, which he also edited. His occult movie ‘CHEMICAL WEDDING’ (US title ‘Crowley’) has now become a cult classic. He has even written and directed a play TWILIGHT OF THE GODS about the stormy relationship between Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche, described by Philosophy Today as ‘Masterful’. Furthermore he has written three books, the latest an expose of the Crucifixion story from his deep research on the subject and his observations of the attempt to crucify the Python’s for the ending of ‘Life of Brian’. Terry Jones describes Julian as a polymath and you can even see him acting in Python’s film ‘HOLY GRAIL’ as the Policeman who puts his hand over the lens bringing the film to an end.

The worlds most versatile film maker

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  Warner Bros              LIFE OF BRIAN

                                            EDITOR & FX PHOTO.

Warner Entert.              CHEMICAL WEDDING

                                            DIRECTOR & WRITER

  Theatre Play              TWILIGHT OF THE GODS

                                           AUTHOR & DIRECTOR

Book                                WHO KILLED JESUS?


InterAccess                   LOVE POTION        

                                           DIRECTOR & WRITER


  20th Century Fox        BRAZIL

                                           EDITOR & FX DIRECTOR

  Handmade Films        TIME BANDITS

                                           EDITOR & FX DIRECT/PHOTO


  EMI Pictures                CLOUDBUSTING

                                           Director. staring DONALD SUTHERLAND.

  Disney                           WIND IN THE WILLOWS

                                           2nd UNIT DIRECTOR & EDITOR

  Python Pictures          THE HOLY GRAIL

                                           PROD. M. FX PHOTOGRAPHER

  Cinema 5                     JABBERWOCKY

                                         ASS. PROD/2nd UNIT DIRECT

Avco Embassy             AT HOLLYWOOD BOWL

                                          POST-PRODUCTION DIRECTOR

  Universal Pictures     MEANING OF LIFE


  Prominent Feature    ERIK THE VIKING

                                            SPECIAL EFFECTS DIRECTOR


  Book                              MONUMENTAL SECRET 

                            OF THE CRUCIFIXION

  Book                            CRUCIFIXION’S

                         A DODDLE



Julian Doyle


+44 (0)1983 241236

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